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Msizi Africa was set up to continue giving help and support to the fifty children at Mophato oa Mants'ase. When we realised we could help more children, we took this responsibility very seriously.

We started looking for projects where children needed support, and where we felt a real bond to the project to enable us all to work well together. We found three more projects. We now give our support to four projects, helping to care for over 1,000 children in three countries in Africa.

Mophato oa Mants'ase

Mophato oa Mants'ase opened in 1980 in response to the orphan crisis in the community. Staff at Mophato oa Mants'ase provide love and care for 50 children, and they've been mother and father figures to many for decades.

Staying loyal to the children and the home through periods where there was no food and no wages before a major funder came to the home, they are responsible for a stable and loving home for the children.

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Kaaya founded his project in Tanzania in 2005 due to the difficulties he saw facing his community. Kaaya first opened the door of his family home to 5 children from the area who had no family to support them. Not long after this, the first primary class opened on site and the building of the first orphanage dormitory began. After a lot of hard work and many generous donations Kaaya now supports 24 children at the orphanage and 210 children from the local community through their primary education years.

Msizi Africa helps fund the essential lunch programme allowing the children to maintain concentration throughout the school day.


Testimony and Majapereng

Couples living near Mophato oa Mants'ase were concerned about orphans living alone in the village. They had no regular income so they would feed orphans when they had food, but very often they had to turn them away.

Staff at Mophato oa Mants'ase told us about them, so we visited these couples and asked if they had the means, would they cook for them every day? "Yes!" they replied. We deliver food every month and couples belonging to the Testiony and Majapereng projects cook for 190 orphans. Under the guidance of Mochesane, they also grow vegetables and produce their own eggs through a chicken project, to lift themselves out of the poverty trap.


Kate, and her late husband Chadd, founded their project in 2002. They care for orphans living with elderly HIV+ carers in villages near where Chadd grew up, in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

Starting with a Christmas party for 80 orphans, they increased their support to delivering food parcels to these orphans every month. Their project has grown over the years as they've had to respond to the worsening orphan crisis in the region, and they now care for over 1,000 children.

Msizi Africa funds food parcels for 500 of them – and builds houses for these vulnerable children to ensure they have a safe, comfortable and hygienic home to grow up in.

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