In July 2012 our Nutrition & Development Trustee undertook a thorough analysis of the food our children consume. We were able to highlight several high risk micronutrient deficiencies – all of which would have a serious impact on the health of the children. As a result of these findings, we were able to make an informed decision to implement changes to the diet that would make it more suitable to the needs of our growing children. These changes included the addition of nutrient dense foods such as a piece of seasonal fruit, and a glass of full fat UHT milk per child each day, locally available vegetables such as Moroho (spinach), squash, carrots and tomatoes. We also altered the monotony of the staple diet (maize) and added rice once a week, more protein-perfect eggs, protein-rich soya mince and peanut butter sandwiches because the kids love it and peanut butter is packed with nutrients. Our diet is not cheap but our children need nutrients – not just calories.