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Lesotho’s prevalence of HIV is one of the highest in the world; over 23% of the population is HIV+. We have seen lives, both young and old, cruelly taken by AIDS.  HIV/AIDS is largely to blame for there being over 200,000 orphans.  The impact on just one child of being orphaned, is devastating and life changing, and sometimes we feel overwhelmed by the challenge ahead – but we have dedicated our lives to reaching some of these most vulnerable children.

Beautiful mountain scenery sees Lesotho dubbed “the Switzerland of Africa”, but life is tough.

23% of people are unemployed; many migrate to South Africa for work and children are abandoned or left with inappropriate carers.

Rain is infrequent and a Government agreement to export water to South Africa makes water that is tantalisingly close, out of reach. Farmers watch in despair as their crops fail, and when crops fail, people go hungry.  A drought jeopardises food security for over 700,000 people.  We are working tirelessly to open more feeding programmes to reach more children in desperate need.