Thankfully, Lesotho seems to be largely unaffected by Covid 19 but our colleagues are taking exceptional steps to ensure the safety of themselves and our children.  Mealtimes are staggered, no more than 10 children are fed at one time, and PPE is used by volunteer cooks. These steps will continue into 2021.

We were devastated to announce in May that we had been forced to cut the number of villages that we feed in from five to three. This directly affected 57 children who now go without food every day.  We are sad to inform you that we are still not in the position financially to extend our support to them on an ongoing basis. However, we are doing everything we can to provide emergency food for some of those 57 who are desperately struggling.

Good news comes from one of the villages that we exited, Majapereng. We made a grant to allow them to start a chicken project to provide food and income so they could run their own feeding programme. This is going from strength to strength and the children are fed four times a week. This gives us encouragement that our own big steps for the future, are the right ones.

We started a cow project in June 2020 to generate milk for the children and to sell the surplus. The project has been significantly delayed by Covid 19 but we aim to have it up and running by February 2021. If this cannot happen, the successful chicken project at Majapereng will be replicated to raise vital funds for the charity to continue our bid to become more sustainable.

The support we receive from you remains critical to our success and we are hopeful that this will continue.

Please keep donating at and if you have any questions please contact me at [email protected] 

All our very best wishes,

Lucy Herron

Founding Trustee

Because of the covid 19 lockdown, we have been unable to fundraise which has resulted in a significant drop in our income. We are very sad to announce that we have to cut the number of villages we feed in from five to three, with the very painful reality that 57 children will now go without food every day. It is their only lifeline and one which we never, ever wanted to cut. We are truly sorry for the devastating impact this will have on the children.

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