The charity was founded as a very personal response to its founder visiting Mants’ase Children’s Home in Lesotho (the original name of the organization was Mants’ase Children’s Home UK). The original vision was very simply to raise a few thousand pounds a year and provide a few nice things for the 50 children at the orphanage. Msizi Africa and our first corporate partner (Mako) build a dormitory at the orphanage.

Because of the covid 19 lockdown, we have been unable to fundraise which has resulted in a significant drop in our income. We are very sad to announce that we have to cut the number of villages we feed in from five to three, with the very painful reality that 57 children will now go without food every day. It is their only lifeline and one which we never, ever wanted to cut. We are truly sorry for the devastating impact this will have on the children.

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